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Kevin Owens’ WWE Contract Set To Expire “Sooner Rather Than Later”

Kevin Owens

According to a new report Kevin Owens’ WWE contract is set to expire “sooner rather than later.”

The report from Fightful Select says that they have been informed by WWE sources that Owens’ contract expires in January 2022, and not 2023 as originally believed.

The former Universal Champion did an interview in 2018 where he confirmed that he had signed a new deal lasting five years. However, it has now been revealed that WWE restructured a number of contracts ahead the pandemic, including Owens’.

“We’ve learned from a WWE official that WWE restructured several contracts ahead of the pandemic, and for whatever reason, Kevin Owens’ deal was changed to expire in January 2022. We were not told of any additional terms of the deal or specifically why it was shortened. We’ll work to find out if any other deals were adjusted.”

The report closes by drawing a distinction between Owens and the contract issues that surrounded Adam Cole and Pete Dunne. While WWE were unaware of when the contracts of the two NXT Superstars expired, that is not the case here.

Owens himself sparked speculation earlier on September 7th, by altering the location in his Twitter bio to “almost there.”

Kevin Owens signed for WWE in the summer of 2014. The former Ring Of Honor star went on to win the NXT Championship feuding with old nemesis Sami Zayn and Finn Balor. Owens famously debuted on the main roster in May 2015 attacking John Cena on Monday Night RAW.

In the years that followed, Owens has become a three-time United States Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, as well as Universal Champion.

In recent weeks Owens has has tangled with ‘Happy’ Baron Corbin. The most recent episode of SmackDown saw the return of Logan Paul who appeared alongside Corbin. Owens who delivered a Stunner to Paul a WrestleMania, ran down the YouTube star on his ‘KO Show,’ before being sneak attacked by Corbin.

With Owens left laying, Corbin and Paul celebrated.