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Kevin Owens Should Have Debuted As Babyface, Says Arn Anderson

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WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson has revealed how he believes Kevin Owens should have been a babyface upon his WWE “main roster” debut – despite calling KO a “pain in the ass” for arguing over trivial things.

Speaking on ARN, which is available via AdFreeShows, The Enforcer disclosed how he believes The Prizefighter’s WWE debut should have seen him enter the company as a babyface.

“As far as someone getting out of their own way, I will say this, because I hope that it’s gotten better, I think Kevin Owens when he first got there, you know, I think he should have been used right out of the get-go as a babyface, not a heel. Forget about the fact that he doesn’t have a world-class body and all that stuff.”

Double A went on to say that the crowd were behind Kevin Owens, before saying Owens was a “pain in the ass” – with Anderson saying he’s told the former Universal Champion much the same.

“I just thought – once I saw that first night that he wrestled John Cena, [the fans] were soundly behind the guy. Maybe he’s kind of like me, he’s the everyday man. He’s just got a lot more skills, a lot more high-tech skills. But there were a lot of times, and I’ve told Kevin this, he was a pain in the ass. Arguing over trivial things that really didn’t matter. ‘Okay, we could do your idea, but how about this idea? They both work kind of, but this is just easier,’ and it would be a long-drawn-out discussion and he and I’ve had this talk before. I hope he’s doing better and apparently the company– he’s been there a long time. He’s making a s**tpot of money I’m sure and good for him.”

The Enforcer recently called Kevin Owens a “bumblebee” when admitting Owens should have defeated John Cena and then gone on to be used as a babyface because “people would just like” The Prizefighter.

“I said from day one when he debuted against Cena, you know, he should have won that match, and he should have been used as a babyface because from day one, and I’m sure through this match, people would just like Kevin Owens. He probably did some crazy stuff, and he did, and he did some stuff that he probably should not have been able to do.”

Anderson then delivered the unique analogy of Owens being “like a bumblebee” due to the surprising nature of some of the moves he can do in the ring. A statement that is very timely following the Royal Rumble, where Owens would compete against Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match for the Universal Championship, and deliver a Swanton Bomb to the Tribal Chief from the top of a raised forklift.

“He is the bumblebee of the business. Bumblebees should not be able to fly as fast they do and manouevre as good as they do, but he does, and he pulls off some unique stuff. He is very creative, and he was regarded, in my mind, from what I saw every night, it’s no matter what you did with him, he was a babyface and Dolph, that being his hometown and all those things kind of worked against each other a little bit, if you look at it from that slant. Still, our audience is going to like who they like and cheer for who they want to cheer for, doesn’t matter whose hometown it is. It doesn’t matter who the good guy is perceived to be.”

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