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Kevin Owens Wants NXT’s Ever-Rise On SmackDown


Kevin Owens is going over and above to get WWE to notice fellow Canadian’s and close friends, NXT tag team Ever-Rise.

Speaking with Ryan Satin for Fox Sports, Owens sat down to discuss everything from Roman Reigns, WrestleMania to the potential of working alongside his friends from the NXT brand.

Ryan asks, “when are you going to bring Ever Rise to Smackdown? I’m a FOX guy, so I want to see them there and I feel like you could use some backup on the show as of late. Is that something you’d like to see happen?”, to which Owens responds:

Yeah, of course. I mean, whether it’s my backup or not, I think they’d be great on the show. Or even on RAW, you know?

They’re very entertaining guys. They’re really solid in the ring and I think they could bring a breath of fresh air to the tag team division. So, I really don’t see why they wouldn’t do really good if they were to come to Smackdown or RAW.

Owens goes on to highlight that he’s doing his part, by wearing their t-shirt on SmackDown and having engagement with them and Roman Reigns on Twitter – All Owens little nods to focus some spotlight on Ever-Rise themselves.

I’ve tried to do my little part to get them a little bit of some buzz. I wore their little shirt on Smackdown the other day. Even Roman chirped back at them on Twitter and stuff like that.

They’re good guys and it would be selfishly for me. I’d love to have them around, just because they’re some of my closest friends in wrestling. I’d always be happy to have them around. So, you know, fingers crossed down the line that happens.

Ever-Rise, (formerly known as Team 3.0) are a tag team consisting of Scott “Jagged” Parker and Shane “Big Magic” Matthews. The pair are currently on WWE’s NXT brand, and did have a moment on RAW back in 2018 where they were unfortunately beaten by The Authors Of Pain.

Most recently they were unsuccessful in their quest for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy, falling short to the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Will Ever-Rise ironically rise out from NXT to join their friend Owens on SmackDown? Time will tell, but we can see that Kevin Owens is as determined as ever to get the boys noticed by WWE’s upper management.