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Kevin Owens Tells Paul Heyman To “Call Him”

Kevin Owens Thumb

Kevin Owens has told Paul Heyman that after he defeats Roman Reigns at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs then the champion’s Special Counsel can call him.

During the December 18 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Owens and Reigns came to blows prior to their TLC Match when ‘The Tribal Chief’ buried his challenger under a mountain of tables.

However, it was what occurred after the show that got people talking of a fantasy collaboration between Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman.

Appearing on Talking Smack on the WWE Network, Kevin Owens confronted his foe’s right hand man. After listening to Heyman tell him that he would need a miracle of biblical proportions in order to leave Tropicana Field as WWE Universal Champion, the challenger had a few words of his own for the advocate.

“I need you to make sure that Roman Reigns understands, that come Sunday, your boy is in trouble. After I beat Roman Reigns on Sunday and I take the Universal title, you have my number. Call me, then we can talk.”

Intrigued by the challenge and the gusto of his client’s number one contender, Paul Heyman shook the hand of Kevin Owens and watched him disappear in preparation for what will be an all-out war.