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Kevin Owens Sends Heartfelt Message To WWE Backstage Crew

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Former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens has delivered a heartwarming message to all the men and women working behind the scenes in WWE.

Following his performance inside the Elimination Chamber on February 21, Owens took to social media to thank all the hard working people who make every WWE event possible in such an unusual era behind the curtain. A role for which the late Ultimate Warrior intended his prestigious Warrior Award to be created and bestowed.

Sat in his car, ‘The Prizefighter’ told of how the crew do not receive nearly enough credit for their amazing work and wanted them all to know how much each and every performer valued their work:

“Hey guys, so Elimination Chamber didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. To be honest, nothing the past few months really worked out the way I wished it would have, but I’m not here to talk about that right now. I’m really here because Sunday, I was in my pod, during the Chamber match, and I was waiting for my turn to join the match, and I started looking around at the Chamber itself, you know? And I started thinking about how massive of an undertaking it must be to build that thing, to put it together, and even just get it in the building, and the logistics behind it, and all the insane work that must go into just getting that done.

But then I started thinking beyond that, and looking at the ThunderDome, and all the screens, and the lighting rib, and then, you know, I started thinking about how there are people out here that work behind-the-scenes of WE, that work incredibly hard to make all of this happen several times a week because we produce a lot of television on a weekly basis, and you know, so that we can go out there and perform and entertain everyone, and we get the credit, but people behind-the-scenes, they really don’t get enough credit.”

From WWE’s stage managers, catering crew, production and camera marvels, Owens didn’t want to leave anyone out in his humbling message of thanks:

“So, this video is basically to just say thank you to all of those people,” Owens continued. “Everyone from the production crew to the camera people, the stage managers, the catering crew, the guys in the trucks, and girls in the trucks, just anybody that works behind-the-scenes of WWE. I wish I could name you all but I can’t because this video would be an hour long if I did, but if you work behind-the-scenes of WWE, I hope you see this because this is about you.

I think I speak for every single WWE Superstar when I say thank you to each of you. We appreciate what you do, and we wouldn’t be here without you guys. So once again, thank you.”

After nearly three months chasing the WWE Universal Championship and making the life of Roman Reigns hell, Kevin Owens’ chase finally came to an end at WWE Elimination Chamber and the hands – or rather boot – of Jey Uso.