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Kevin Owens Recalls Refereeing A ‘Man vs. Bear’ Match

Kevin Owens

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens has recalled being asked to referee a ‘man vs. bear’ wrestling match featuring former WWE Tag Team Champion, PCO.

Speaking to Out of Character with Ryan Satin Kevin Owens discussed his part in the bygone days of wrestling bears when he was asked to referee a bout between one and Ring Of Honor and IMPACT Wrestling star PCO:

“I was actually a referee, early in my career, for a man vs. bear match. PCO wrestled a bear once and he asked me to be a referee so if things went awry, I would be there to help him. Not against the bear. If things go wrong with the bear, we’re all screwed.”

“What he meant was, what if the bear gets spooked and we don’t really know what to do and his trainer needs to bring him away because we need to save the show? Which is exactly what happened. The bear just wouldn’t take part in it, which I completely understand.”

Kevin Owens went on to explain how they attempted to give fans their money’s worth when the bear wouldn’t cooperate and reiterated that the whole spectacle was something that never should have happened:

“Looking back, it’s not something that ever should have happened. Once the bear decided he wasn’t going to be part of it, the only thing we could do was the referee tell PCO that the match was thrown out, PCO gets upset, pulls out a chair, and assaults the referee like any sensible human would.”

“That’s what we did to give the people their money’s worth. I didn’t end up getting near the bear because he wouldn’t come near the ring. Wise decision on his part.”

Kevin Owens will team up with Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins to challenge for the Raw Tag Team Championship on March 7th as they take on champions Alpha Academy and RK-Bro.

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