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Kevin Owens On Wrestling Without A Crowd: “I… Haven’t Had To Change”

Kevin Owens entrance

WWE SmackDown Superstar, Kevin Owens says wrestling without a crowd during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t affected his performances at all.

Speaking to Fox Sports, Owens acknowledged that wrestling in front of no crowds may be jarring for his colleagues, but it had not altered his approach to wrestling:

“I really haven’t had to change. If anything, I think the experience I acquired working those smaller rooms in front of smaller crowds before WWE helps me a lot in this environment because there are guys and girls that are gonna go on SmackDown or Raw every week – now we have the Thunderdome with all the faces on the screen that kinda helps remind us there’s an audience out there – but when it was at the Performance Center, and it was just us and six or seven camera people and crew guys and then the commentators, I wasn’t shaken by it at all because I’ve wrestled in front of twenty people who make no noise.”

The former Universal Champion, who wrestled in front of small crowds for the likes of PWG and Ring of Honor has been able to adapt.


Owens added that only one aspect of his performance has changed in the no-crowd era:

“The only thing I changed is who I worked for. Because, even though I know there’s millions of people at home watching, I started having this mindset – and I’ve had it before, but not as much as now that the crowds were gone – the people we work with, from the camera guys to the crew to the stage managers, the producers, everybody, but especially our camera people, they’ve all been there for a really long time and they’ve seen a lot of wrestling. So, if I can do something that they’re entertained by, I know I’ve done something that everybody watching at home is entertained by.”

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