Kevin Owens Imitates The Young Bucks During Cody Rhodes Match

Kevin Owens Young Bucks

After Raw went off the air Kevin Owens took on Cody Rhodes in a dark match with Owens seemingly mocking The Young Bucks with their signature pose.

After marking his sensational return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 with victory over Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes appeared on Monday Night Raw to address his comeback.

Rhodes said that deciding to return wasn’t a difficult decision and any trepidation that he felt washed away after defeating Rollins in front of more than 70,000. During his initial comments, he also referenced the end of his previous run with WWE saying he was the “star that left them in the dust.” A nod to his past as Stardust.

The star then showed a photo of his father, the legendary ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes on the Titantron, calling him a legend and his hero. His voice cracking as he did so. Cody Rhodes then told the world that his heart was set on capturing the one prize his father didn’t claim during his career, the WWE Championship.

Rhodes’ WrestleMania opponent Seth Rollins then interrupted The American Nightmare but the two men simply shook hands. While Rhodes might not have been seen on TV again, his night was far from done as he took on Kevin Owens in the dark match after the show for the live crowd in Dallas.

During the bout, Owens took Rhodes down and hit a familiar pose as he mimicked the double bi so often hit by Rhodes’ former colleagues The Young Bucks.

Cody Rhodes has already discussed how he won’t be taking any shots at AEW while in WWE but the pose by Owens will be taken in good fun by Matt and Nick Jackson who have a long-standing friendship with the former Universal Champion.

The Young Bucks even responded to Owens’ pose in the best way they know how – by updating their Twitter bio. At the time of writing the duo’s bio simply reads “Whaddup Kev.”