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Kevin Owens Hilariously Responds To Claims He Cried Over Repackaging

Kevin Owens with the Universal Title.

Following claims yesterday that Kevin Owens “started to cry” when Eugene told him he was going to be repacked as the New Mountie, the former WWE Universal Champion has responded in hilarious fashion.

Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore would take to Twitter to correct a since-deleted post, stating he was simply telling a joke when he told the story, and KO responded to his tweet, saying:

“I’m pretty sure I only cried once I found out that I COULDN’T be the New Mountie.”

Well-respected wrestling author Pat Laprade had already disputed the claim made by Eugene, saying Dinsmore was no longer with the company when Owens debuted for NXT.

Dinsmore had told Chris Van Vliet how Kevin Owens “started to cry” when told he’d be repacked as a WWF icon. Dinsmore ribbed the former Universal Champion by telling him he was being brought in as “the new Mountie” when he first joined WWE.

“So, Kevin Owens is sitting ringside because he’s just watching the class. I sit down next to him. He said the first time he ever wrestled was for Jacques Rougeau. He kind of acted like somebody else really helped train him, but for some reason, the first show was Jacques Rougeau. So, a couple of days go by. I come back and said, ‘They got a new character for you. They’re going to bring you in as the new Mountie.’ He was starting to cry. ‘You can’t let them do that.’ I said, ‘No, it’s going to be great! It’s going to be awesome! You’re going to have the red thing. They might even bring Jacques in. It’s going to be great!’ He was beginning to panic. Needless to say, it didn’t happen.”

Meanwhile, Jacques Rougeau – AKA The Mountie – has previously opened up about Kevin Owens joining his class, and the subsequent falling out they had. Although, the iconic WWF star would call Owens a “phenomenon” when discussing his raw potential.