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Kevin Owens Dismisses Mountie Story As A Rib

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Former WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, has spoken out about the controversial story that WWE wanted to make him into The New Mountie.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Nick Dinsmore – the former Eugene – told the world how WWE creative had plans to saddle Owens with an updated version of the beloved Mountie character which graced our screens in the early nineties, and how Owens began to cry upon hearing the plan.

The story was later shot down by several people as hearsay and Owens himself even made light of the rumour on Twitter. Now, the challenger to the Universal Championship has opened up about the supposed story.

Sitting down with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, the former NXT Champion not only detailed his reaction to the announcement but confirmed it as nothing but a prank by Dinsmore who was attempting to rib him:

“Apparently, allegedly, it almost happened, which is not the case but we heard about that this week. It’s funny, because I talked to him [Nick Dinsmore] about it after, because at first, when it was reported I was like, ‘what? This never happened. What is he saying?’ So I hear him talk, he was saying…so I don’t remember this, but he clams he ribbed me because after he talked to me about who trained me, which turned out to be The Mountie and it was clear from what I was telling him that The Mountie and I were not on good terms, he thought it would be funny to make me think WWE creative wanted me to be The New Mountie.

I guess he yanked my chain and told me that was the plan and I have no trouble believing that. If I did buy what he was saying, I definitely didn’t cry because I’m a grown man, but I definitely did not like it, there’s no doubt about that part. But I don’t remember any of it so when it was reported it seemed like he was saying it was an actual plan by creative which wasn’t true.”

With the air cleared, Kevin Owens can now concentrate on his next big hurdle, facing Roman Reigns in a TLC Match at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs and December 20 for the WWE Universal Championship.

Credit for the interview: Fightful