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Kevin Owens Opens Raw Cosplaying Stone Cold Steve Austin [Video]

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The world was stunned when Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music opened Monday Night Raw – but it turned out to be Kevin Owens!

The March 21st episode of Monday Night Raw emanated from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL, famously Stone Cold Steve Austin’s favorite arena to work in while he was with the WWE, though it was called the Rosemont Horizon at that time.

For a moment, the Chicago area crowd thought they were going to see the return of the Texas Rattlesnake to the venue when Monday Night Raw opened with the familiar sounds of shattered glass. The audience erupted as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme music rang out throughout the building and his entrance video played on the Titan Tron – but instead of Austin, Kevin Owens made his entrance wearing a bald cap, an Austin 3:16 shirt, jean shorts, and ill-fitting knee braces.

After calling out the WWE Hall of Famer in anticipation of his appearance on the Kevin Owens Show at WrestleMania 38, Owens said the last thing to do was drink some beer and get some liquid courage. However, when he failed to catch two Broken Skull Lagers that were thrown into the ring, Owens called out the timekeeper for having terrible aim.

He demanded that the man enter the ring and hand deliver a beer. Once he had the beer in hand, Owens delivered a Stunner to the timekeeper for good measure.

After weeks of disparaging the state of Texas on WWE television, Kevin Owens finally issued a challenge to the WWE Hall of Famer on the March 7th episode of Raw. Austin accepted the challenge in a phenomenal promo video and confirmed he would indeed be at WrestleMania 38 in his home state.