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Kevin Owens And Roman Reigns Still Reminisce Over Their 2017 Royal Rumble Match

Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns

In a new interview with Ryan Droste of ComicBook.com Kevin Owens has revealed that he and Roman Reigns still talk about their epic encounter at the 2017 Royal Rumble.

The No-Disqualification match with Chris Jericho suspended above the ring in a shark cage was beautiful chaos from start to finish. Tables, chairs, brass knuckles, the announce table and even an interfering Braun Strowman all made an appearance in the brawl before Owens pinned Reigns to retain the Universal Championship.

When asked about which of his previous matches with Reigns stand out, Owens picked out their clash at the Rumble as one of his favourites.

I really loved the Royal Rumble (2017) one… it’s funny because Roman and I used to talk a lot more than we do now, obviously. We will talk about that match, even years after. We’d remember little moments from that match, and I’d get a random text once in a while from him saying, ‘Hey remember when you did this in that match?’ Now, it’s like, ‘Remember when you did that?’ We’re just proud of that match, we really had a blast in it.

It’s almost a forgotten match, too, I’d say. Whenever people come across it, they’re like… I’ll see tweets about it once in a while, ‘Hey, I just watched this match. It’s really good. It’s really something people should go (watch).’ We feel the same way. We really had a lot of fun in it.”

Owens went on to say that he hopes his most recent story with Reigns is just getting started and that he can stay in the main event picture through the Royal Rumble and into Wrestlemania.

“I’d love for Sunday to be the beginning of something pretty meaningful and consistent. I’d love to see the momentum that I gained over the past few weeks, keep going. Obviously, going into WrestleMania season and the Royal Rumble coming up, and all this stuff. Everybody wants to do good. Everybody wants to have a big spot on those shows. I’m no different. It’s obviously a big deal, because I haven’t really been in that picture for a while. I used to be in it pretty much all the time, up until 2017, 2018. It feels pretty exciting to be back there, and I’ll certainly give it my all to stay in that picture, as well.”

After a typically hard hitting match up at TLC, which saw Reigns just about retain the Universal Championship against Owens, the pair will go head to head inside a steel cage on the upcoming episode of SmackDown. You can follow all of the action from that match and the rest of the show here at Inside The Ropes.