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Kevin Owens Advocates NXT As Part Of Annual Draft

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Kevin Owens has talked about his belief that NXT should be part of any and all future drafts after missing out on the 2020 edition.

The former WWE Universal Champion’s affinity with NXT has been well documented. As the brand that gave the star his first stage on which to perform on under the WWE banner, NXT has a special place in the heart of Kevin Owens and remains at the forefront of his mind.

Recently, the host of The Kevin Owens Show orated plans to send him back to the black and gold show and even its sister show NXT UK after he made a shock appearance at the 2019 NXT TakeOver: WarGames and served as colour commentator on the brand in November.

Now, Owens has opened up about his belief that NXT should be taken more seriously within WWE and be included in the annual drafts which they were excluded from this year, in an interview with ComicBook.com:

“They were able to draft people from an NXT, but you never saw a RAW or SmackDown superstar moved in a draft to NXT (in the past). I think that should be the case. I think we should be able to take from NXT, and NXT should be able to take from RAW and SmackDown, because I think the level of competition is just as … It’s extraordinary over there. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Owens was then asked whether NXT talent should be included on WWE main roster pay-per-view events or stick to their own, hugely popular, TakeOver shows:

“As far as the pay-per-views go, though, I actually don’t think NXT should be added to the current pay-per-views, because there’s already so little spots on the pay-per-views, and there’s so many guys and girls, on Raw and SmackDown, that deserve a spot. If you add the NXT on top of it, it’s going to be tricky to fit everybody, unless we go back to the six hour marathons we used to have. The NXT TakeOvers are really successful, and really great. You know, I wouldn’t mind seeing one or two more of those every year, so that, like I said, there’s also a pretty deep roster in NXT. A lot of guys and girls deserve spotlights there, as well.”

While he still has his sights set on one last NXT run before his career comes to an end, Kevin Owens is currently locked in a rewarding feud with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. On Christmas Day, Owens came within a whisker of capturing the gold inside a Steel Cage.

Credit for the interview: ComicBook.com

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone