Kevin Nash Names WWE Hall Of Famer As “Total Package”

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has named a late WWE Hall of Famer as the “total package” and puts them among the most talented wrestlers to ever compete in the ring.

During the World Wrestling Federation’s New Generation, Diesel and Razor Ramon were often pitted as on-screen rivals but behind the scenes, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were as thick as thieves as part of The Kliq.

Both men’s careers went to the next level when they became The Outsiders in WCW, going on to form the iconic nWo with Hulk Hogan.

Speaking on his new Kliq This podcast Kevin Nash shared his thoughts on the skills of his late friend and says Scott Hall is unsurpassed in a wrestling ring:

“Without a doubt, he’s probably one of the five most talented wrestlers that’s ever [done it]. I’ll put him, I mean, to put Scott Hall in your mouth Mount Rushmore is not because you lost your friend. I mean, I’ve touched with everybody, all the Hall of Fame guys, and there’s nobody better than Scott Hall. Nobody.”

“This guy can wrestle, Scott can punch and kick, Scott and we’re babyface – Scott can work heel. I mean, he’s a great tag wrestler. Scott was he was the total package man.”

During the show, Kevin Nash also detailed the emotional last moments The Kliq got to spend talking together before Hall’s tragic death.

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