Kevin Nash On Challenging WWE Hall Of Famer To A Fight

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has discussed challenging a WWE Hall of Famer to a fight and admits that he was “stoned” while he was doing it.

Kevin Nash has done almost everything in the pro wrestling world in his illustrious career. From his early days as various bizarre characters in WCW, Nash struck gold as Diesel in WWE, eventually winning the WWE Championship in 1994.

Nash made his real mark on the business in 1996 when he and Scott Hall defected to WCW and formed the New World Order with Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Despite sharing the ring with many of the legends of the business, one man he never had a one-on-one bout with in his career was The Ultimate Warrior.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast Big Sexy has recalled the time he challenged the late Warrior to a fight on Twitter and noted how much thought had clearly gone into Warrior’s response:

“I challenged him to a shoot fight on Twitter. It gets to the point where, and I swear to God I was stoned, and I f*cking typed whatever it was back then, 140 (characters). And I’m stoned as f*ck, and I just send it out, and I’m like ‘ah, what the f*ck’. He comes back with this edited, there’s like 33 edits in it. He spent three f*cking days of his life because I just told him ‘hey man, we each put up a hundred grand, we’ll just f*cking get in the ring and just go, winner takes all.”

“I’m watching this thing and I’m looking at all these edits, and how many days it must of took for him to do this. I was thinking, ‘Oh wow man, I didn’t realize you would give me that much real estate in your brain.'”

h/t Sportskeeda