Kevin Nash & Will Ospreay Clash On Social Media

Kevin Nash Will Ospreay

Twitter beefs are as commonplace in wrestling as a headlock or possibly a tope suicida these days and now Kevin Nash and Will Ospreay are the latest to mix it up.

Will Ospreay continues to have a great year inside the wrestling ring despite missing out on the G1 Climax crown to Kazuchika Okada. The IWGP United States Champion has been a critical sensation, earning four five-star – or above – matches in the month of August alone according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

When this stat was pointed out on social media and the fact that Ospreay has earned more five-star matches in one month than CM Punk, John Cena, and Kurt Angle have amassed in their entire careers, Kevin Nash felt he had to get involved.

Apropos of nothing, Big Sexy asked about a more important stat to him, Will Ospreay’s merchandise sales.

Not one to keep his powder dry on social media for very long, Will Ospreay responded taking aim at the WWE Hall of Famer’s Achilles heel, which ironically is his famously fragile quads.

Ospreay’s rival Kenny Omega meanwhile has been lapping up the drama with scarcely disguised glee as he told Kevin Nash that the English star’s merch sales were “justifiably putrid.”