Kevin Nash Comments On Tragic Passing Of Son Tristen

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash suffered a tragic loss earlier this week when his son Tristen passed away at the young age of 26 years old. Born June 12th, 1996, Tristen Nash was a solo musician and poet. Tributes have poured in following his passing, with many pro wrestlers and wrestling personalities sending their condolences to the Nash family during this time. Tristen had just begun working with his father on his Kliq This podcast prior to his passing.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful shared a statement on behalf of Kevin and Tamara Nash that announced Tristen’s passing on October 20th.

“On behalf of Kevin and Tamara Nash, I have to unfortunately report that their son Tristen Nash has tragically passed away at the age of 26.

Tristen recently started working on Kevin’s new podcast and the two enjoyed their time together.

The Nash family asks if you could please respect their privacy during this time.”

Kevin Nash Revealed His Son’s Cause Of Death On A Heartbreaking Episode Of Kliq This

Just days after losing his son Tristen, Kevin Nash opened up about the circumstances surrounding his death on Kliq This (available early via AdFreeShows). According to Nash, Tristen’s attempt to better himself by giving up alcohol led to a seizure, and his body couldn’t recover. Nash thanked the medical staff who did everything they could to save his son’s life.

“The seizure caused the cardiac arrest. He was basically dead in his room on the floor with the EMT working on him. They got him back and got him in the ambulance and they tried to save his life. So to the people at Halifax hospital, doctors and nurses, I thank you.”

“We both decided that we were going to stop drinking so it was a situation where you know we both went cold turkey. I don’t think either of us felt great because you stop drinking coffee for a day and you get a headache. I think we were both dealing with it.”

Continuing, Kevin Nash went into more detail about his son’s past struggles with alcohol.

“He had had a couple of incidents. We actually sat up here last Wednesday and in the course of the show, he drank four or five beers unbeknownst to me. I got pissed at him because he had a situation at the beginning of the year where he was hospitalized for almost 60 days.”

When co-host Sean Oliver asked for clarification about the decision to stop drinking, Nash confirmed that the decision to stop drinking was made after recording Kliq This last Wednesday. He said that his son was trying very hard to make a positive change.

“After the show, and a week later, he passes. When you look back at things, it’s like, so he wasn’t feeling good. So we were kind of, my wife and I were just kind of like waiting on him hand and foot. We knew he was trying to do this. One of the things that if you WebMD that, one of the things of cold turkey is that you have an increased risk of having a seizure.”

Later in the episode, Kevin Nash revealed that many people he worked with in WWE have contacted him with condolences following Tristen’s passing. Some names he mentioned are Vince Russo, Rhyno, Vince McMahon, and Ric Flair, who also lost his son Reid at a tragically young age.


If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse, free and confidential resources are available worldwide. Contact SAMHSA or call 988 in the United States, or check out this list of helpful resources available in the UK and Ireland.