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Kevin Nash – “They Have No Idea How Much Of A Pr*ck HBK Really Is”

Kevin Nash Shawn Michaels

Kevin Nash has discussed the perception of Shawn Michaels in the WWE locker room in the mid-nineties, a time when HBK’s reputation preceded himself.

Nash and Michaels formed an on-screen partnership when the Detroit native joined the then-World Wrestling Federation in 1993. With Nash now portraying Diesel, he and Michaels soon became known as the ‘Two Dudes with Attitude.’

Together their alliance helped Nash capture the Intercontinental Title before the ‘Dudes’ claimed the WWF Tag Team Championships in August 1994.

Speaking on the WWE Untold special about the pairing, Kevin Nash explained why Michaels was not well-liked in the locker room. That was, Nash notes until his fellow wrestlers had to face him in the ring.

Kevin Nash explained:

“They have no idea how much of a pr*ck he [HBK] really is. But the thing about Shawn was like, he was a pr*ck because you were mean to him because you were jealous. And the thing is, nobody liked Shawn except for his boys until you saw his name across from yours on the TV List. Anytime you’re going to go out there and do what you get paid to do, all of a sudden he’s the best mother-f***er on Earth. That man doesn’t know how to have a bad match.”

Backstage Michaels and Nash had something of a partnership as well. That also extended to Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and eventually Triple H with the unit being known as The Kliq. Together the group has been alleged to have used their influence to help position themselves in better roles in the company, sometimes to the detriment of others.

Kevin Nash has also recently given his verdict on the documentary, saying that watching the story of his and Michaels’ partnership moved him to tears.

Credit: WWE Untold

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