Kevin Nash On The Kliq Almost Getting Caught Taking Drugs By Police

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Kevin Nash has recalled an incident where he and the rest of the Kilq narrowly avoided being arrested for using drugs.

Kevin Nash and The Kilq were no strangers to pushing boundaries and breaking rules. The infamous group were known to be more than a little bit flexible with WWE’s backstage rules and regulations, something which resulted in the often debated ‘curtain call.’

The incident at Madison Square Garden as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash prepared to head to WCW saw Hall, Nash, Triple H and Shawn Michaels embrace in the ring, despite being on-screen enemies.

Speaking on his podcast, Kilq This, Nash recalled an incident outside the ring which almost ended in disaster. Big Sexy revealed that along with Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels he was almost caught smoking hash in an alleyway by a police officer.

“We score some hash, and Scott [Hall] and Shawn [Michaels] are like, ‘Let’s get stoned,'”

“Hash is more like a body bust… I went out [to the ring], man, and I was so f*cking stoned and I was so f*cking chill.”

On almost getting caught, Nash admitted that Vince McMahon would have fired the trio if their adventure had been discovered.

“Scott didn’t panic,” Nash said. “[The officer] said, “Ah, f*** off. Don’t be pissing in the f***ing alleyway.”

A number of former WWE Superstars have been critical of the influence wielded by The Kliq backstage, with many claiming that it had a negative effect on the locker room. On an episode of his own podcast, Jake “The Snake” Roberts said that the group “nearly killed the business.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.