Kevin Nash Sends Message To LA Knight – “I Didn’t Know Who You Were, I Apologised”

LA Knight Bully Ray

Kevin Nash has apologised for his comments about LA Knight.

On a recent edition of his Kliq This podcast, Nash accused Knight of being an “absolute rip-off” of The Rock. His comments didn’t go down well with fans, and after receiving backlash about them, he tried to find out more by watching the product, only for the star not to make an appearance.

On the latest episode of Kliq This TV, Nash revisited the subject, saying that, if fans had picked Knight as the “chosen one”, then that’s who he was.

“If LA Knight, if the people, if he’s the chosen one, if he’s the people’s champion, then he’s the people’s champion, it doesn’t f**king matter to me.”

He went on to explain that, as WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H’s friend and a stockholder, Knight’s popularity is only a good thing.

“If his segments do a number and that f**king helps the WWE, which I’m a stockholder, and it makes my buddy, f**king [Triple H]’s life easier, than f**k, get over dude.”

He also admitted he doesn’t watch SmackDown, the brand Knight is assigned to, so had no idea who he was, and has since apologised.

“It was just one of those things where I don’t watch SmackDown, so dude, I didn’t know who the f**k you were and I apologised.

“But some of us that are in professional wrestling actually watch sports, watch film, occasionally read a book. I do other things besides watch wrestling. There’s 394 hours of wrestling on television a week. I just can’t do it.”

Despite the apology, LA Knight took the opportunity to have a dig at Nash on SmackDown.

In recent news Kevin Nash revealed that he offered to work WWE SummerSlam.

LA Knight’s popularity continues to grow

Knight is now a firm fan-favourite and is greeted with huge ovations from audiences around the world. Further proof of his popularity came earlier this month when it was reported he is one of the top merchandise sellers in WWE, behind only Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

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