Kevin Nash On Scott Hall Refusing To Work WrestleMania – “He Said Go **** Yourself”

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Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are among the most polarising WWE Superstars in history, allowing them to do as they pleased to an extent – including refusing WrestleMania matches!

Owing to their involvement in the famed Kliq backstage group, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall changed the game, but it also made them, on occasion, difficult to work with. The latter refused a WrestleMania XII match vs. Goldust, who instead wrestled the infamous Hollywood Backlot Brawl vs. Roddy Piper.

Speaking on the latest Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash explained how Jim Cornette was against paying any members of The Kliq following the Curtain Call incident, including hefty WrestleMania payoffs:

“Jim is a really great guy. I guess he didn’t have the foresight that the three of us did, Triple H would someday be running the WWE. Secondly, Scott Hall didn’t work WrestleMania. He said, ‘Go f*ck yourself,’ and Goldust had the OJ Simpson-Roddy Piper match. I would have deposed Vince [McMahon] and with Shawn [Michaels] as my witness, along with Pat [Patterson] who was in the room, gotten Vince’s, ‘If you guys wanna do it, if it means that much to you, Shawn’.”

‘Big Daddy Cool’ continued, stating that WWE legally couldn’t hold his payday as he, specifically, hadn’t broken any rules:

“I didn’t break any f*cking rule, I did what I was told to in the ring as far as the finish. So no, you could not hold my fu*king pay back. And if it was Jim, if it wasn’t Vince…I mean, it wouldn’t have been Jim. I mean it’s very easy to bark at the 6’10” fu*king pr*ck when you’re not involved in it, but no, I went out and did a clean job for ‘Taker and worked my a** off’ in that match.”

Both Kevin Nash and Scott Hall wrestled their final WWE matches on 19 May 1996 in Madison Square Garden, with Nash losing to defending WWE Champion Shawn Michaels in a Steel Cage match, and Hall being felled by Hunter Hearst Helmsley. The Curtain Call took place following Michaels-Nash, sending Hall and Nash off to WCW.

They returned to WCW on 27 May and 10 June 1996, respectively, forming The Outsiders and, ultimately, The new World order. In WWE, meanwhile, Triple H and Shawn Michaels forged an on-screen alliance as part of D-Generation X.

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