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Kevin Nash Says Hulk Hogan Is The Greatest Worker Ever

Hulk Hogan

Kevin Nash has named the wrestler he says is the greatest worker ever, picking one of his original partners in the New World Order, Hulk Hogan.

The two stars along with Scott Hall changed the face of professional wrestling in 1996 when Hogan turned heel for the first time since becoming a household name and forming the nWo in WCW. While Hogan’s in-ring work may be the subject of some criticism, his ability to elicit a reaction from a crowd has never been in doubt.

For Kevin Nash though, the in-ring work of Hulk Hogan is overlooked. Nash discussed this with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson on their 83 Weeks podcast [first available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com], saying that in his opinion being able to go out and compete night after night after night is the key to success.

Nash explained:

“People ask me who’s the greatest worker of all time? And I’ll say ‘Hulk Hogan.’ And they’re just like ‘What!?’ The number one thing about being a pro wrestler, is you have to, in my era, have to be able to go out there 300 nights a year, minimum and do this. That’s part of the job. And the one thing that I always knew, and I probably worked with Hulk 30 to 50 times in my life where we’ve been against each other doing something and I know for a matter of fact, a million percent, I would bet everything that I own, I am going to come back to the locker room in the exact same shape that I left it. And that’s the key to the work.”

Kevin Nash then used a famous moment from wrestling history as an example to illustrate his point. For Nash the night Mick Foley was thrown from Hell In A Cell, the wrestling business changed in a way not beneficial to those that had to compete in the ring.

Nash continued:

“I’ll say it to the day that I die, one of the biggest parts of our business that died, happened at Hell In A Cell when Mick Foley fell whatever he fell, 40 feet through that table because now we took a work and made it a stunt.”

“[…] In 2002, or 2003 whenever I had my Hell In A Cell, and they came to me with it and I said ‘Great! If, we don’t go out of the cell. They looked at me like ‘This is going to be sh*t. This will be horrible.’ I said he [Triple H] has been running from me for three months, that’s what a cell’s for, that’s what a cage is for. The cage is because the heel is continually trying to get away from the babyface and now he can’t. So I said we’re going to stay in the ring. I just don’t think the babyface should get beat, but I didn’t book it. [Laughs]”

Kevin Nash also discussed the beginnings of the New World Order and how he had tried to convince The Undertaker to join him and Hall in leaving the WWF behind for WCW.

Credit: 83 Weeks via AdFreeShows.com

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