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Kevin Nash Recalls Convincing The Undertaker To Join The nWo

The Undertaker

Kevin Nash has discussed who he tried to poach from the World Wrestling Federation to join him and Scott Hall in the nWo in their new confines of World Championship Wrestling in the nineties.

Nash and Hall set the wrestling world alight in 1996 when they walked away from the WWF to the guaranteed contracts and fewer dates of World Championship Wrestling. At Bash At The Beach in 1996, The Outsiders added Hulk Hogan to their team forming the New World Order and changing the wrestling world forever.

With the two company’s competing for supremacy during the vaunted ‘Monday Night Wars’ fans were frothing at the mouth to see who would be the next star to jump between the organisations.

Now speaking to fellow nWo member and former WCW President Eric Bischoff on his 83 Weeks podcast [first available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com], Kevin Nash has discussed which WWF star he tried to convince to join him in the black and white in Atlanta.

Nash explained why his Kliq partner Shawn Michaels wasn’t the star in question:

“It was the fact that [Michaels] had gotten the top spot and he knew he’d be in the mix for that top spot. The Undertaker was the one that I was trying to get. That was the one and I’m not saying – I just told him ‘You gotta switch up your gimmick man.’ I said ‘You’ve got no bargaining power whatsoever as long as you stay in that Undertaker gimmick.’ I’m not saying that made him turn into the American Badass, I’m just saying that American Badass you can take pretty much wherever you wanna go. They had to pay those guys money, if they wanted to keep them they had to pay them.”

Bischoff then asked Nash if Shawn Michaels had ever put feelers out about going down south to join his friends:

“I think that like most of the guys – I remember one time [Bischoff] said something to us, you really respected the fact that we left. It’s so much easier to stay but you were like it’s difficult to leave especially when you’re in a top spot and you’re leaving. I think when we left and [Michaels] watched the show he could see that we were having fun. At that point he was in a bad place, he was having some dark times. He got what he always wanted which was the championship then all of a sudden the company just couldn’t compete against what we were doing and when you’re the champion, it becomes the situation of ‘Oh, you just can’t draw, you’re not drawing.'”

“There’s no way he would have left on that alone because his matches were fantastic.”

Credit: 83 Weeks via AdFreeShows.com

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