Kevin Nash Reacts To Rumours That A Current WWE Title May Be Scrapped

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has given a one-word reply that Triple H could be getting ready to scrap a current WWE Championship.

Back in 2019 in a bid to shake-up programming and Monday Night Raw in particular, WWE introduced the 24/7 Championship. The new title was intended as a throwback to the much-loved Attitude Era staple, the Hardcore Title, and was even unveiled by Mick Foley.

However, despite featuring some fun, light-hearted segments which fans initially enjoyed, the magic has very much worn off among WWE’s fanbase.

One fan recently speculated that new Head of Creative Triple H could be preparing to scrap the title which hasn’t been featured in a number of weeks.

In response, Kevin Nash delivered a one-word message of agreement.

“Please,” tweeted Kevin.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Kilq This podcast, Nash explained that one change that would definitely be taking place, is that the show will be finalised, and performers informed of their segments before the programme begins. Under Vince McMahon’s stewardship it was common for episodes of Raw and SmackDown not to be fully written before they went live.

Whether or not the 24/7 Championship will be gone within the next few months remains to be seen. There has been no confirmation of Triple H getting rid of any championships. In fact, he seems to be more interested in bringing back titles, as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships were recently announced to be returning on the main roster.