Kevin Nash Pays Tribute To The Late Lanny Poffo

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has recalled spending time with Lanny Poffo after the star sadly passed away on February 2nd.

Speaking on his podcast, Kliq This, Nash explained that while he was closer to Poffo’s brother Randy Savage, he still valued the time that they got to spend together.

“Randy [Savage] and I were really close. I loved Randy to death and I think Lanny, I had never really spent time with Lanny, but we did end up doing a shot up on Thunder Bay and we ended up spending the day up there. It was just he was so happy that I was showing love to his brother… Anytime I ever saw him at signings or anything, he was a class act guy.”

Lanny Poffo was born into a wrestling family on December 28th, 1954. His father Angelo was a wrestler himself and later became a promotor.

Poffo began his own wrestling journey in 1974 working for the All-South Wrestling Alliance. From here the star featured for a number of NWA-affiliated promotions including Mid-South Wrestling and the CWA as well as his father’s outlaw International Championship Wrestling promotion.

However, the star is perhaps best known for his stint in the WWF from 1985 until 1992. It was here where he became “Leaping” Lanny Poffo and later “The Genius.” During this period he joined forces with Mr Perfect to take on Hulk Hogan.

Poffo moved to WCW in 1995 to reunite with his brother but wrestled less than a handful of matches before leaving the promotion in 1999.

Kevin Nash Worked Alongside Randy Savage In WCW

Randy Savage signed with WCW in late 1994 after he found his in-ring appearances with WWE (WWF) becoming more and more limited. Savage joined the ever-growing nWo in 1997 and worked alongside the likes of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan. The WWE Hall of Famer left the group in late 1998, and eventually made his final appearance for WCW in May 2000.

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