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Kevin Nash Names His ‘Big Men’ Mount Rushmore

Kevin Nash as Diesel

Kevin Nash is a two time WWE Hall of Fame entrant and one of the most memorable ‘big men’ in pro wrestling history.

But in a recent clip from his forthcoming appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ‘Broken Skull Sessions‘, which is set to premiere later today, Nash was quizzed on what his ‘Mount Rushmore’ of giant performers would look like.

The former ‘Diesel’ started strong with his selections, picking Andre The Giant as the first face to be chiselled into the stone of immortality.

From there, things took a turn towards the absurd, with a jovial Nash stumping for Giant Gonzalez, The Yeti and hilariously, Master Blaster Steel – Nash’s early WCW gimmick!

Host Austin clearly got a kick out of Nash’s comedic take on the question and the episode looks set to be a fun one, with two of wrestling’s most recognisable stars shooting the breeze.

Most fans will look back fondly on Nash’s time with the WWF as Diesel, then as a founding member of the NWO in WCW, but the Michigan native actually had to kiss a number of frogs before finding a winning gimmick.

In addition to The Master Blasters, who had a brief spell in WCW between 1990 and 1991, Nash also portrayed Oz, seemingly inspired by The Wizard Of, and Vinnie Vegas who was somewhere between a comedian and a mobster.

Kevin Nash joined the WWF in 1993, was promptly rebranded as Diesel and the rest, as they say, is history.