Kevin Nash Hits Out At WWE’s “F*cked Up” Handling Of NXT Rebranding

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has hit out at WWE over their handling of NXT’s rebranding while Triple H was taking a leave of absence, commenting the company couldn’t wait to dismantle what he’s built.

The friendship between Kevin Nash and Triple H goes back more than 25 years. The pair first met back in 1995 when Triple H moved to the WWF from WCW, and famously formed part of The Kilq alongside Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall.

During a recent episode of his Kilq This podcast, Nash looked back over his friend’s career, as well as praising him as an individual. Nash said that The Game was the first person that he met who didn’t have any vices.

“You have to meet his mother and father,” Nash said. “His mother and father are like salt of the earth. Two of the nicest human beings on the planet. His socialization process is as close to Leave It to Beaver as probably you could have. I guess when you don’t go through life with a f*cking backpack full of f*cking baggage. I think that maybe life’s a little bit — He just didn’t have [baggage].

It was strange because I’ve just never been around anybody with no vices. Like wow, like you’re really f*cking talented, you cut a good promo, you’re vegan, you’re funny as f*ck, you don’t miss a workout, and you don’t have any vices.”

Nash continued by praising Triple H’s eye for talent and the work he did with NXT. Big Sexy added that it was “f*cked up” how WWE handled the switch from NXT to NXT 2.0 while Triple H was away from the company recuperating from a serious cardiac event.

“He’s got an eye for talent, that’s for sure. Look at the people that he’s kind of hand-picked and pushed up on the WWE product on Raw. Every time one of them went up there, man it was just like, ‘how quick can we dismantle what got him over and f*ck this dude up?’ It was just like when he got sick when he had the heart episode. They couldn’t f*cking get down there and dismantle what he had built in NXT quick enough. I thought that was f*cked up, man.”

When asked what had sparked the move, Nash said that he had tried to ask Shawn Michaels but “Shawn is so changed.”

“I don’t f**king know. I asked Shawn about it and he was just like, Shawn is so changed. He’s just not a sh*t disturber anymore. He does his job, he does it well and he does the best he can and he goes home to his family.”

It was recently announced that NXT UK will be coming to an end on September 4th following a huge joint show with NXT 2.0 titled Words Collide. The UK based brand will then be replaced by NXT Europe in 2023.

The rebranding has led to mass talent cuts among the NXT UK roster, you can find the full list of releases here.

H/t to WrestlingNewsCo for the transcription.