Kevin Nash Critical Of CM Punk’s Actions Following Firing, Praises AEW For All In Success

Kevin Nash Continues To Question The Rise Of LA Knight

Kevin Nash did not hold back on CM Punk after the star was fired from AEW, but some of it was tongue-in-cheek.

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer had plenty to say about CM Punk on the latest episode of Kliq This Podcast. On the episode that was recorded before AEW All Out, Nash predicted that Punk would be fired from the company due to his actions at AEW All In at Wembley. Nash took some playful shots at Punk, citing his previous in-ring confrontation with the star back in 2011.

“I apologize to the Waffle House at this point in my career for actually calling him a short-order Waffle House cook. My bad. F**k you, Phil. Yeah, I always like my wrestlers to have birthing hips.”

Nash later brought up the two strong pieces of advice he once received from the late Randy Savage. One was to never take yourself out of the game and the other was to always keep yourself in shape. He says Punk did the former. On top of that, he did something that Jody Hamilton once taught Nash when being trained and that’s never hit someone in the “T-Zone.” Due to Punk’s actions, he believes that WWE won’t attempt to get Punk back in the company.

“Made himself look like an ass cause he sucker punched a smaller guy. F*ck man, come on. You’re gonna reward, you’re gonna reward him? And put him in a f*cking locker room with men? Nah man, f*ck no.”

Kevin Nash Jokes He Doesn’t Have Heat With CM Punk

Nash did end up praising Tony Khan and AEW for the work that they did with All In, but was overshadowed by CM Punk’s actions.

“How about f*cking a round of applause for f*cking AEW and Tony for f*cking putting 80,000 seats in Wembley, for the f*cking crew that went out there, including Punk and Joe, went out there and f*cking had a hell of a fucking show top to bottom.

“My biggest f*cking thing is instead of that f*cking being a monumental f*cking moment for that company, I mean, what comes out on Monday is the CM Punk story. That’s sh*ts on top of that whole, I mean, Jericho did a job for Ospreay. I mean like, come on, man. Like, all the sh*t that happened that night and all the work that was put into it and no one is talking about the card.”

Despite the several digs Nash takes at CM Punk in the episode (and there is a lot), Nash leans into the camera to say he doesn’t have heat with Punk, but the podcast numbers were great from the week before due to all the CM Punk discussion.

“Milk this motherf*cker as long as we can. Like, f*ck that.”

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