Kevin Nash Confirms Legend Turned Down Spot In The nWo

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Sean Waltman's promo pic as The nWo

On July 7th, 1996, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan changed professional wrestling forever.

As the trio stood tall at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach being pelted by rubbish from fans the nWo was born. The movement that began with Scott Hall showing up on Nitro unannounced on May 27th spawned the creation of one of the most popular factions in the history of the industry.

Following Bash at the Beach, the group quickly grew in strength and numbers, and eventually, subdivisions and new branches appeared. This meant that at one time or another, a vast majority of the WCW roster spent time decked out in the famous black and white.

However, one man who remained away from the group was Booker T, this is despite his eventually growing to become one of the biggest stars in the company.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Nash confirmed that he wanted the star to join the group, but he turned him down.

“I wanted Booker. I wanted a black athlete. I wanted a black man and Book was a real dude. He always has been. I remember I asked him. I said, ‘Book, would you join the NWO?’ He looked at me and said, ‘Big fella man, Kev, I don’t want to work that fu**ing hard. You guys work every fu**ing house show.’ I said, ‘Alright.’”

Sting Loved A Good “Sh*t Rib” – Kevin Nash

During the episode, the former World Champion reacted to Sting giving him a shout-out on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite. The WWE Hall of Famer said that Sting was always his friend going back to their early years spent together in WCW.

“He took really good care of me when I was a jabroni. He’s always been my friend. There are guys that are your friends, and there are guys who are your friends because they’re in the business, and Steve was always a friend. He found Christ and he’s in a great place in his life right now.”

Nash added that Sting was fond of one particular kind of backstage prank.

“He was a prankster. He loved a good sh*t rib. He got Bagwell one time back when you used to get the USA Today at your front door. Sting went and shit in the middle of Bagwell’s USA Today. Bagwell grabs it. Of course, you’re going right to the dumper when you grab it to sit down and read it. He opens it up and terds fall on him.”

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co