Kevin Nash Claims Recent Comments About Hulk Hogan Were Taken Out Of Context

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Sean Waltman's promo pic as The nWo

Kevin Nash has taken issue with the editing of a recent documentary in which he appeared to speak negatively toward Hulk Hogan.

A&E recently premiered the first episode of their new season of WWE Legends looking at the great and the good of the sports entertainment giant. This first episode centered around the nWo and featured interviews with the likes of Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Nash has now taken issue with how his comments were edited. The WWE Hall of Famer said that his comments which appeared to be negative towards Hogan were taken out of context.

“I would say 99.97% of the time, I think it’s fu**ing rotten. It’s funny because people who are in our business, in our industry, that watched a lot of that happen live, like Eric (Bischoff) is talking on that and he says some different things, but it’s so hyper-edited. I’m hearing what they’re using for my sound bite, and I’m thinking like, wow, that wasn’t even in that context. It’s almost like I came across harsh at Hogan the way they edited me.

There was a three or four minute part in there where I was discussing to them that night he joined us. I’m in the ring and my mind I’m saying, ‘Fu**, that’s Hulk Hogan, like, Hogan’s with us’, because I equate it as a mark, like Hogan was nothing but the main event. That’s what Hogan was. He was just a main event guy. If you were in something with Hogan, especially in that fu**ing red and yellow. But, if you would have heard me say that during that show, I think coming from me, a part of the faction, is more impactful than somebody else or a voice over person stating how over Hulk is or was or wasn’t.”

Kevin Nash Claims Roddy Piper Was A “Bully”

On the same edition of his podcast, Nash was highly critical of fellow WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Nash said that the pair simply didn’t like each other, dismissing Piper as a bully.

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