Kevin Nash Claims Popular WWE Hall Of Famer Was A Bully Backstage

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Kevin Nash has opened up about his very real issues with a fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

During a recent episode of his Kilq This podcast, Nash discussed “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and the very tense atmosphere that existed between the two men. Nash dismissed suggestions that he had problems with Hulk Hogan, before opening up about his problems with Piper. The former World Champion claimed that Piper was a bully, and the pair simply didn’t like each other.

“I didn’t like Piper and he didn’t like me,” Nash said. “That [confrontation] was just waiting to happen. I didn’t care for Roddy at all. I thought he was a bully. I thought he bullied people. I think he kind of bullied his way around. I think he told a lot of f***ing stories about being really good with his hands and all this other s**t. He came to me one night in the f***ing locker room in Boston and I f***ing b***h-smacked him.”

Nash added that when Piper was running his podcast called Piper’s Pit back in 2014 and 15 he tried to change the story to make himself look better.

“I remember when Piper had his podcast, he called me up on the phone,” Nash continued. “He said, ‘Can we go over it? I’ll say I threw you out of the room.’ I’m like, ‘No, you didn’t toss me out of the room.’ I guess somebody had brought it up and it was like his torn quad. People just kept going to it.”

Roddy Piper Piper sadly passed away on July 31, 2015, at the age of 61.

Did Kevin Nash Fall Out With Hulk Hogan?

During a different episode of his podcast, Nash hit back at claims that there are issues between himself and Hogan. Big Sexy explained that while he doesn’t have to be in constant touch with the star, they have each other’s backs as always.

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