Kevin Nash Names Top AEW Star As His New Favourite Wrestler

Kevin Nash at WrestleMania 31

Kevin Nash has revealed which AEW Star is his new favourite wrestler.

Nash, unlike a number of former stars from his era, has often praised the current generation of wrestlers rather than being overly critical. In fact he can be found regularly giving wrestlers his two cents of advice through social media.

However, the former WCW World Champion recently got into a Twitter altercation with current IWGP US Champion Will Ospreay. This happened after Nash responded to a post regarding the number of his matches that Dave Meltzer had given a five-star rating.

This even promoted a reply from Ospreay’s on-screen rival Kenny Omega, who seemed to agree with Nash, describing his merchandise sales as “putrid.”

Omega didn’t stop there however, with him even using this sarcastic comment made by Nash in his entrance on this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite. During Omega’s infamously long introduction, Justin Roberts referenced how Omega has had higher merch sales than Ospreay in two continents.

Nash, noticing this, replied to the entrance video posted by AEW stating that Omega is indeed his new favourite wrestler.

While Nash’s comments could simply be the WWE Hall of Famer having fun, his praise of Omega comes as no major surprise. This is due to the fact that he has been a major fan of the Young Bucks for years, with him giving them the blessing to use the “Too Sweet” hand gesture back in the Jackson Brothers’ Bullet Club days.