Kevin Nash Admits The nWo Was “Never How I Envisioned It”

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They might not have reaslised it at the time, but Kevin Nash and Scott Hall changed the entire wrestling industry by jumping from the WWF to WCW in May and June 1996.

With WCW fans still reeling from their arrival, the duo joined forces with Hulk Hogan at Bash At The Beach, and the “New World Order of professional wrestling” was born. From there, the group expanded beyond what many thought was possible and become one of the most famous and infamous factions in wrestling history.

The group’s black and white came to dominate WCW programming, something it has been claimed actually became a significant negative for WCW as a promotion.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Nash reflected on the rise and fall of the group, revealing that he originally saw its rise panning out very differently.

“It was never done how I always envisioned it,” Nash said. “I always envisioned that, once we took over, that it would become ‘NWO Nitro.’ It was no longer going to be WCW, it would be nWo.”

The WWE Hall of Famer explained that once the group had taken over WCW, stars such as Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, and others would slowly “win” it back.

“If we knew then what we knew now … We would take over, and slowly the WCW, like Sting, Dallas, and those guys, would be like the Revolutionary War, and slowly they would try to take back over the Turner product,” Nash said. “It would’ve gone back to WCW, and then everybody would be … hopefully, in a perfect world, we could’ve had ‘The Larry Sanders Show.’

We could’ve shot that differently, created worlds, done everything the way I had envisioned. But I didn’t … I was one person with a vision. It wasn’t like I was Bob Ross. I didn’t f***ing get to make little trees and houses and sh*t. I just did pretty much did what everybody else wanted to do.”

Kevin Nash Unhappy With WWE Royalties

Due to the popularity of the group, nWo merchandise remains incredibly popular more than 25 years after the faction first came into being. However, Nash recently explained that these royalty payments from WWE haven’t been what they should be.

The veteran explained that he complained to the company about the issue, but isn’t afraid to go to top management if the payments aren’t rectified.

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