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Kevin De Bruyne Reveals Who Would Win A Man City Royal Rumble

Kevin De Bruyne - Man City - Royal Rumble

WWE’s Royal Rumble is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events on the wrestling calendar, and it turns out even footballers get involved in the excitement – as Premier League winner Kevin De Bruyne has discussed who would win – and who would struggle – in a Manchester City Royal Rumble!

Speaking with BT Sport, Kevin De Bruyne gave his thoughts on who would win in a Royal Rumble at the Etihad, naming three of the club’s powerhouses before revealing who wouldn’t do so well.

“Well, Ruben (Dias) would love to be up there, I’m 100 percent sure. I’m going to put Walks (Kyle Walker) in there. I wouldn’t be surprised by Raheem, but obviously he can’t fight against the tall guys because weight class.

De Bruyne added one defensive midfielder to the equation in Brazilian Fernandinho, but said he thinks “physical powerhouse” Kyle Walker would just edge it, before joking that “no-one would want to see it” because they have a generally small-statured team.

“Dinho (Fernandinho) is strong. I would say in the end Walks because he’s just a physical powerhouse for me, but it would be a nice battle. There’s also a lot of people who would be just in the side. We have a very small team, so you don’t want to see that.”

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2022 live on the WWE Network – and via Peacock in the United States – on Saturday, January 29th, 2022. Find out everything you need to know ahead of the event here.