“Said Mr. Pot. To Mr Kettle” – Jim Cornette Reacts To Chris Jericho Calling Out CM Punk

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CM Punk made waves after AEW All Out, but not because of his AEW World Championship win. Instead, he set the wrestling world ablaze with a verbal tirade at the post-show media scrum, calling out former friend Colt Cabana, on- and off-screen rival Adam Page, and though he didn’t call them out by name, AEW EVP’s The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

When the AEW EVP’s confronted Punk over his comments, a brawl ensued that reportedly saw Punk throw punches. Ace Steel also reportedly throw a chair at Nick Jackson as well as biting Kenny Omega. All parties involved in the brawl were suspended, and after an investigation into the incident, Ace Steel was released from the company. Vignettes on AEW Dynamite and Rampage indicate that The Elite could be returning soon, while CM Punk isn’t expected back in the company.

A recent report revealed that it was veteran Chris Jericho who told Tony Khan about the brawl following the media scrum, and also that Jericho told Punk he was a “cancer to the locker room, and a detriment to the company.” While Punk’s response wasn’t recorded, it’s believed he told Jericho that the situation is none of his business and that he should leave. The report also noted that Jericho has been praised for his locker room leadership in the midst of a difficult time in the company.

Jim Cornette Doesn’t Believe Chris Jericho Has Jurisdiction To Make Comments Toward CM Punk

Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, legendary wrestling manager and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Cornette responded to the report of Jericho calling out Punk, and he didn’t seem impressed by the intervention.

“‘You’re a cancer to the locker room.’ Said Mr. Pot to Mr. Kettle. And I wish we got the exact quote, but I’m sure that Punk probably drew his fist back from one of the Bucks’ face and took his other foot out of the other Bucks’ ass and turned over to Jericho and said, It’s not any of your business, and I think you should go now. And then resumed ripping out carotid arteries. [Brian – Thanks for showing up, Chris.] Yeah. Where were you when we all needed you?”

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