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Kenny Omega Wins AEW World Championship In Impactful Fashion

Graphic for Kenny Omega winning the AEW World Championship

Kenny Omega dethroned Jon Moxley to become the new AEW World Champion at Dynamite Winter Is Coming, granted, with some impactful help…

In the main event of AEW Dynamite Winter Is Coming, Omega and Moxley went to war in a brutal showdown involving multiple V-Triggers, Paradigm Shifts and lethal strikes. But in the end, it all came down to a single One Winged Angel to determine who would walk away as AEW World Champion.

In the match’s closing moments, Don Callis – who was providing commentary for the show’s main event – made his way ringside to check on Omega with a microphone in his hand, after Omega took a Paradigm Shift into some heaters at ringside and was checked on by doctors. Moxley proceeded to push Callis, leading the microphone to land next to Omega who used it to illegally strike the defending champion.

Omega would ultimately secure his victory with an additional four V-Triggers and the ever-fatal One Winged Angel, pinning Jon Moxley to win the AEW World Championship.

Omega and Callis would proceed to escape from the arena through the backstage area, being condemned by Tony Khan and various members of the AEW locker room on their way out. As they approached their getaway car, Alex Marvez managed to catch up with the duo and asked Callis to explain their actions.

Callis responded that fans would have to wait till next Tuesday to get their answers… where Omega will debut in IMPACT Wrestling:

You’ll have to find out this Tuesday night! This Tuesday, IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV, me and Kenny will tell you all about it, Marvez!

This marks Jon Moxley’s first-ever singles loss in AEW as well as his first overall loss since October last year, where he and PAC were defeated by Omega and Adam Page on the third episode of Dynamite. Kenny Omega, meanwhile, has been on a dominant tear in singles action, having won the World Title Eliminator Tournament by defeating former tag partner Adam Page at Full Gear to earn this title shot.

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