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Kenny Omega Teases IMPACT World Championship Challenge

Kenny Omega & Don Callis appearing on IMPACT Wrestling

Kenny Omega once again sent shocks throughout the wrestling world during his IMPACT Wrestling appearance by teasing a future IMPACT World Championship challenge!

In the final segment on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling, Omega and Don Callis were interviewed by Josh Matthews about The Cleaner’s controversial AEW World Championship win and why he chose IMPACT as his first destination after dethroning Jon Moxley.

As the interview wound down, Omega compared his current goal as AEW champion to that of his childhood hobby of comic book collecting – hinting in the process that he may look to capture IMPACT’s top prize in the near future:

Did you know that I collected comic books, Don? Well, I had to quit. You know why? Because no matter how much money I spent, no matter how many rare comic books I collected, I could never get the most rarest, the most valuable prizes amongst all the collectors in the comic book industry.

Now I found a new hobby and I have the most valuable prize of them all (the AEW World Championship) – the Action Comics #1, that’s Superman’s debut by the way. And hell, I don’t mind if I had an X-Men #1 in my collection – the AAA [Mega] title – I don’t mind if I had a Spiderman #1 in my collection. Who knows, maybe that’s the IMPACT Championship? You guys have a great champion, right?

The thing is, I love travelling. I love the lifestyle that pro wrestling affords me and as long as I have [the AEW World Championship], I don’t mind having a little bit of fun in my spare time. Why not add a little bit to my collection, who knows?

The Best Bout Machine also teased that he’d make a major announcement alongside Callis on AEW Dynamite after Tony Khan said they’d be “more than happy to accommodate” the duo during an advertisement for Dynamite on IMPACT:

But for now Don Callis, we’re about 24 hours away from making a big announcement on AEW. And if you thought the Lex Express was riding in style, I got something even better planned for tomorrow – Something cooler! I can’t tell you…okay, here’s a clue: Lex Luger. We have the bus, what else do we have?

Kenny Omega stunned fans after using a microphone provided by Don Callis to illegally strike Jon Moxley and win the AEW World Championship, before announcing he’d make his first appearance as champion in IMPACT Wrestling. It seems as though we’ll get a clearer picture of where Omega’s headed as champion on this week’s AEW Dynamite.

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