Kenny Omega Says “Time Is Running Thin On The Kenny Omega Clock”

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has spent more than two decades in the world of professional wrestling, and according to the man himself, he has far more matches behind him than still to come.

Speaking in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Omega spoke about his upcoming cage match with Jon Moxley as The Elite is deeply embroiled in a feud with the Blackpool Combat Club. According to Omega, he wants his remaining matches to be special, and he knows Moxley wants the same.

“Time is running thin on the Kenny Omega clock. I can guarantee anyone that sees me perform live that there is a reason for that performance, and I work to make every one special. I wanted this one to be unique and very fun for people who tune in and people who are there live. And I know how competitive Jon is.

“This will be a grueling, physically demanding and violent cage match. Jon isn’t looking at this as just another show or just another Dynamite. He’s looking at this as a reason to show he’s the best. I’ll be there to do the same, to remind people why I am.”

Kenny Omega Says Jon Moxley Is The MVP Of AEW

Elsewhere in the interview, Omega spoke about being honored that people consider him one of the best wrestlers in the world.

“I feel blessed to be in a conversation where there is chatter from people saying Kenny Omega is the best in the world. Whether it’s warranted, whether it’s deserved, that’s up to the person saying it and the criteria they’re using. If they’re saying it’s because of these great singles epic matches that make you feel something, I’m honored.”

However, despite his accomplishments and star power, Omega doesn’t believe he’s the MVP of AEW. Instead, he says that honor belongs to Moxley as he’s rarely taken time off from the company and has given his fair share of blood to helping make All Elite Wrestling a household name.

“I felt like my contribution was once Jon showed up. He lifted me up and threw me off the chips. Maybe people thought I would be more of a difference-maker on that show. I lost against Jericho, then I got my ass beat by Jon Moxley. Sort of the final shot was seeing me through the stage that never broke—I just hit it hard—and Moxley was on top atop those chips. What I was able to give to that show was less than I hoped for. Moxley overshadowed me. Jericho really overshadowed me. Coming in with my notoriety from Japan, I had the highest standards for myself.

“For AEW, Jon’s been the one. He’s been at almost every show. He’s bled at almost every show. There is no one higher on the blood-giving list. Maybe that’s what makes this feud so interesting. It’s someone with the notoriety from Japan against someone who was a top player from WWE. And Jon hasn’t stopped working. I was injured, but now that I’m healed up, it’s beautiful that we can restart the song and dance between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.”