Kenny Omega Says Potential WWE & AEW Partnership “Isn’t Impossible”

Kenny Omega With AEW Championship

Kenny Omega recently made an appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and Garrett Gonzales. During the course of the conversation, Omega discussed AEW’s working relationships with other promotions, as well as giving his opinion on the prospect of a partnership between WWE and All Elite Wrestling.

AEW has spent 2021 opening all kinds of forbidden doors in the world of professional wrestling. From their work with Impact Wrestling, to New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. At the centre of all this stands Kenny Omega. First capturing the AAA Mega Championship back in 2019, Omega would go on to win the AEW World Championship in 2020 and the Impact World Championship in 2021.

When discussing these blossoming partnerships with Dave Meltzer, Omega would scare his thoughts on a potential relationship between AEW and WWE. Whilst Omega remains open to the idea, it seems that a partnership between the two will not be happening any time soon:

“The one huge crossover, will you ever see WWE team up with anybody? Who knows. I feel as the world evolves and changes and time goes by, people become more open-minded to everything, whether it be the wrestlers themselves, people in the office, the fans.

I wouldn’t hold my breath but at the same time I would never say it’s impossible.”

Kenny Omega is heralded by many as one of the greatest performers of all time to never appear on WWE television. Omega would spend a brief moment in the Deep South Wrestling, the companies developmental territory. However, Kenny would become a world wide superstar from his work in the independent scene and NJPW, prior to AEW.

These latest comments are not the first time Omega has commented on a potential crossover between AEW and WWE. In a November 2020 interview with Dave Meltzer, Omega stated he would be all for it:

“If, for some reason, WWE came knocking on our door and said, ‘hey, we would love to do a talent switch or tradeoff, or work together on something, I’d be all for it. Whatever benefits the wrestling fan must always come first. When you start thinking about fantasy scenarios, if wrestlers crossed over like that, it gets really exciting.”

Since their inception in 2019, AEW have welcomed several prominent former WWE talent to their roster, with the likes of Mark Henry, Paul Wight, Miro and Malakai Black all appearing for the company shortly after their WWE exits. Most recently, the world of professional wrestling has been abuzz with rumours surrounding the signing of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Credit for Interview: Wrestling Observer Radio