Kenny Omega Said To Be Open To WWE Switch

Kenny Omega

In recent weeks apparent uncertainty has emerged around Kenny Omega’s AEW future.

This was sparked by reports that WWE is looking to land a big-name free agent, as well as New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Jay White. While there is no word on who this free agent is, much of the speculation began to circle around Kenny Omega.

It has been reported that WWE is planning to “go hard” to sign a number of top AEW stars as their contracts come to an end. This came after it was noted that Omega’s original AEW contract had been due to expire in January, but the company has added on time for the nine months he spent out injured. That being said, it is unclear how much time has been added.

To add further intrigue to the situation, the Young Bucks’ contracts are also set to expire at the end of the year.

It has now been reported by Wade Keller of PWTorch, that there is a belief within WWE that Omega is “open-minded” about a move.

“I haven’t independently verified rumors of WWE being interested in Omega,” Keller said. “I have confirmed they’re aware of Omega’s open-mindedness to come to WWE. That’s what I’ve been told. That he’s open-minded to landing in WWE before his career is over. The attitude is not ‘I love AEW, I’m gonna stay here forever.’ That is not apparently the belief within WWE. They don’t believe that’s Kenny’s mindset at this point.

Omega is valued within WWE from what I can ascertain by people whose opinions count. But he is not seen at this stage as a wrestler who is so good in the ring that they are just gonna do anything to get him. I think that they are very happy with their roster. I think that they have a lot of great wrestlers who are at Kenny’s level. Kenny would be a good addition. I know there is curiosity and intrigue about what they could do with him if they were able to direct him a little bit better because his character work in 3+ years of Dynamite has not been particularly compelling…”

Keller added that should Omega join WWE, his role would be different from that of Cody Rhodes, who also jumped from AEW.

“In terms of being a weekly TV series character, that’s something that WWE would be, I think, excited to explore creatively with him. But I don’t think he would come in and be seen as a guy who they are just gonna track to headline WrestleMania like Cody has gotten. I think there’s a belief there’s more to Cody, more of a future, given Cody’s age and wear and tear on his body being less and just as a WWE-ready character and promo that there’s more turnkey main event multi-year potential in Cody than Kenny.”

Ric Flair Claims Kenny Omega And The Young Bucks Should Leave AEW

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast To Be The Man, Ric Flair suggested that it’s time for The Elite to leave AEW and head to WWE. His comments came after he also called on Tony Khan to stop booking All Elite Wrestling due to his outside interests in NFL Franchise the Jacksonville Jaguars and English Premier League football team Fulham.

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