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Kenny Omega Says Rob Van Dam “Saved His Career” In Wrestling

Kenny Omega enters with the AEW World Title

Kenny Omega has credited Rob Van Dam with saving his career “more times than he can count” due to the inspiration he took from the WWE Hall of Famer’s wrestling style.

Recently, Rob Van Dam was asked by Sportskeeda to choose who he believed to be the Male Wrestler of the Year. RVD was quick to pick former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, saying that he is ‘One of a Kind’ just like him.

“Dude, I think Kenny Omega is just that ‘One of a Kind’ wrestler & that’s why he is my Male Wrestler of the year for #SKWrestlingAwards.”

Omega, of course, is no stranger to accolades having won a plethora of Match of the Year, Wrestler of the Year, and Feud of the Year awards from the likes of the Wrestling Observer, Tokyo Sports, and of course Inside The Ropes – although he was surprised to share the 2021 Match of the Year award with Bryan Danielson.

Commenting on Rob Van Dam’s nomination, ‘The best Bout Machine’ revealed that he was inspired by both RVD and Jean-Claud Van Damme to work on his flexibility when he was younger, something he credits with saving his career time and time again.

“One of the freakiest athletes to ever do it. JCVD and RVD were the two sole reasons I worked on my flexibility as a teen. Helped in hockey and probably saved my career in wrestling more times than I can count! Thanks, legend!”

Kenny Omega is currently out of action dealing with several injuries. He recently gave an update on his status, saying he was maybe a little optimistic in his original aim of returning by April and went into detail on the rehab is currently undergoing to strengthen his body.