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Kenny Omega On Ultimate Goal For AEW Women’s Division

Kenny Omega

While AEW has been well-received by fans and critics alike since its debut show in 2019, one criticism levelled at the company is the handling of the women’s division. In an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Kenny Omega, who was given responsibility for the division when he joined the AEW as an Executive Vice President, admitted that they have encountered challenges.

“It’s always been challenging because you always have so many talented women, and as talented as they are, there’s always going to be this very small window of time to tell stories with.”

However, Omega believes that the women deserve center stage, even going on to say that his ultimate goal is for them to get their own show.

“I truly believe to this day that women deserve more time, deserve their own show, centre stage — I would love at some point as time goes by and more AEW content becomes available, that is the ultimate goal.”

For now, though, the AEW Champion says they have to take baby steps, and his own main goal is to help show how talented and hungry the women on the AEW roster are so that they get their chance in the spotlight.

“Until then, we have to take those baby steps and every one of them has to be a home run. No matter what I do in wrestling or video games or side projects that I undertake, my main goal is to help women’s wrestling to get that chance in AEW and show how talented and hungry they are.”

On January 20th, AEW announced that they will hold a Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament to determine the new Number One Contender for the AEW Women’s Championship. This latest push is a nod to the efforts that Omega and the team are putting into the women’s roster and a big step in the right direction for the women’s division.