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Kenny Omega On An AEW/WWE Partnership – “We Would Never Know Until We Tried”

Kenny Omega

AEW mega-star, Kenny Omega, has spoken about his willingness and want for AEW and WWE to work together in order to facilitate a talent tradeoff.

All Elite Wrestling has been in the market to work with other promotions in recent months, most notably liaising closely with the NWA and even dipping their toes into Japan which has allowed them to boost the quality of their weekly Dynamite shows.

However, a partnership with WWE has always been something fans of both brands have long been yearning for even though it seemed almost impossible that anything would ever come of the want. Since AEW’s inception the wrestling world have been booking fantasy matches on the internet and on console games, but could anything actually come of it?

Speaking on the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio, ‘The Cleaner’ went into detail on the potential benefits of the two companies working together and how it would be the right thing to do for devotees of both promotions:

“If for some reason, WWE came knocking on our door and said, ‘hey, we would love to do a talent switch or tradeoff, or work together on something, I’d be all for it. I mean, whatever benefits the wrestling fan must always come first. When you start thinking about fantasy scenarios, if wrestlers crossed over between promotions, it gets really exciting. I think this is the kind of shot in the arm that wrestling needs. Will we succeed in attracting more viewers than we already have at the table? We would never know until we tried. And even if we are unable to create new fans, it’s still a win-win because you’re only to going make the current fan happier.”

You don’t have to like either promotion in order to know that what Kenny Omega says is true. A crossover between WWE and AEW would have huge benefits for both promotions, fan bases and the wrestling industry in general.

Of course, should such an alliance occur it wouldn’t be the first time WWE have initiated a talent-swap or showcased a different wrestling product on their television.

In 1997, Vince McMahon went into business with both ECW and AAA which resulted in men like Hector Garza, Taz, Sabu and Rob Van Dam appearing on Monday Night Raw while Jerry Lawler went the other way and made shots for ECW.

Whatever your thoughts on a potential partnership between the two, the thought of Roman Reigns suddenly appearing on Dynamite to issue a challenge to former friend Jon Moxley can’t fail to get the juices flowing. Neither could the potential of Cody suddenly invading Raw or SmackDown looking for the respect he felt he never received.

Credit for the interview: The Wrestling Observer Radio

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.