Kenny Omega Hits Back At Idea AEW Was Founded To Compete With WWE

Kenny Omega

While Tony Khan has gone on record to say there’s a “real war” between AEW and WWE, for Kenny Omega that was never the intention.

In an interview in February, Khan told The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz that the rivalry between the two companies was “part of the original business model” of All Elite Wrestling

“But, I do know it’s a real war between AEW and WWE and the fans are interested in it and that was part of the original business model of AEW was I knew wrestling fans, frankly, are very interested in wrestling free agency and wrestling wars and I believe we could create a free agent market that is definitely a real thing now and that would be a big part of the story.” (H/T PostWrestling)

However, during an appearance on CBC Radio, Kenny Omega spoke about his own vision for the company, which was to provide a platform for wrestlers to demonstrate their talent.

“In professional wrestling, there are a lot more people doing it than you’d probably realize, and there are a lot of people with a lot of big dreams that just don’t have the platform to show just how talented they are.”

“AEW, for me, is being able to show the world some of the men and women who maybe wouldn’t have had a voice or wouldn’t have had the stage to show what they do best.”

The Best Bout Machine went on to explain that AEW also provides more variety than what can be seen in WWE.

“I think it has allowed for just, I would say, more variety, and that’s why I’ll never say that we went into this to compete with WWE. I just want to give people the option to see things that are different stories that you might not be able to see there.” (H/T Wrestling Inc.)

Kenny Omega set for ‘Dream Match’ on Dynamite

On March 17th, Khan announced that a ‘dream match’ would be taking place on the MArch 22nd edition of Dynamite.

That bout proved to be the much-delayed bout between Omega and El Hijo del Vikingo which was originally set to take place at AAA Triple Mania Reiga II in 2021. Due to Omega taking time off to take care of multiple injuries.