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Kenny Omega Gives Update On AEW Video Game

Kenny Omega makes his entrance with the AEW Tag Team Championship.

As per The Wrestling Observer, Kenny Omega has been giving more information about the highly anticipated AEW video game. Details about the game have been, and remain, few and far between, but a game is coming.

Omega revealed he is working closely with developers, with the aim of producing a game which will stand alone as the best wrestling game on the market.

“The status of the video game is that it is currently in development. I can’t say too much more other than I am working very closely creatively with a team. And every few weeks, they have very exciting new things to show us… When the game is ready and when it will release, I think it has a very good chance of standing alone, probably the best wrestling product as a video game, that you could probably find on the market.”

The AEW Executive Vice President went on to express his excitement at the footage that he has seen, and that “when I can say more, I certainly will.”

The release of a video game, even if it is a little way off, is another sign of how quickly AEW have established themselves in the wrestling world. Even during the pandemic ratings remain strong, and the company have already announced a huge AEW World Championship match for the company’s Dynamite anniversary show on October 14th.