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Kenny Omega Credits Hikaru Shida For Producing Women’s Tournament

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has heaped praise on AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida for putting together the Japanese side AEW’s Women’s Eliminator Tournament.

Discussing the 16-women tournament to crown a number one contender for Shida’s title with talkSPORT, Omega revealed that the Japanese star was hands-on in making the tournament happen.

Omega explained how much he was enjoying the tournament and his pride in Shida:

“I enjoyed every minute of it. Every match had something unique to offer and I couldn’t have been more proud of them and couldn’t have been more proud of Hikaru Shida, actually.”

“She really went the extra mile and put it all together herself in Japan. These things don’t happen out of thin air. She really wanted to feature the women wrestlers more, the girls stuck in Japan, and feature some of the women that she has worked with when she was doing freelance work.”

The AEW World Champion then elaborated on some of the stars that competed in the tournament. Omega noted that he was proud to put some new eyes on the world of joshi:

“So we got some of the other freelancers like Veny, for example. She wrestles in Japan as Asuka. And Veny absolutely killed it against Emi Sakura. Just an incredible match. It gave people a taste of what they’re missing out on, just what they’re missing out out in the world.

“It’s unfortunate you can’t you can’t see all the best stuff all the time every week, but I felt extremely proud to host something as a way for people to see what goes on in that world of joshi and how our athletes are doing as well.”

Kenny Omega also discussed a possible future match-up with former partner and IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi.

Credit: talkSPORT