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Kenny Omega Apologises To Jim Cornette Over Controversial Joke, Cornette Responds

Kenny Omega Jim Cornette

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has apologised after making a joke about legendary wrestling figure Jim Cornette.

Kenny Omega dealt with a deluge of negative comments on social media after he had Tweeted about the Battle Of The Belts AEW Women’s Championship match between Dr. Britt Baker and his long-time friend Riho.

Omega soon found himself engaging with a slew of trolls and it wasn’t long before he brought up the name of someone known to dislike him, Jim Cornette, sending out the following message:

“Will you bump up Corny’s oxygen so he can maybe get through a podcast without wheezing through every word? It’s harsh on the ears from what a I hear”

Jim Cornette then replied, wondering why he had been brought into Omega’s online battle:

“Not sure why Twinkletoes is referencing me in a completely unrelated conversation I’m not involved in, but he needs hobbies/attention. Hey dipsh*t, I’m not as harsh on the ears as your ballet routines are on people’s eyes, & I’m wheezing from laughing at your attempts to wrestle.”

However, Kenny Omega has now apologised to the former manager of The Midnight Express and expressed his regret at bringing up breathing issues in a world ravaged by COVID:

“Shouldn’t have brought up any breathing issue. I, as well as many friends/acquaintances in other sports, are suffering due to Covid after effects. Not sure if you’ll accept, but I do apologize.”

If you have listened to one of Jim Cornette’s podcasts or heard him espouse his views regarding Omega and his in-ring work over the years you can probably guess that Cornette was nonplussed by the apology, to say the least, responding:

“P*ss off with your phony apology bullsh*t, turdblossom. I’ve never had COVID, I don’t want to have ANY interaction with you and your phony wrestling, and I don’t have any breathing issues except when you’re on the air I refuse to breathe it.”