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Kenny Omega Says AEW Women’s Division Is Taking “Baby Steps”

In an Interview with TV Insider, Kenny Omega has revealed that the AEW women’s roster are “really chomping at the bit to get TV spots”.

One of Kenny’s responsibilities as one of AEW’s Executive Vice President’s (EVP) includes helping structure the women’s division in AEW. Omega revealed that the women in the company are highly-motivated and they are all working towards the goal of getting more television time without losing an ounce of passion in the process.

When asked “Will the women get more TV time?” Kenny was thorough and direct in his response:

I think we are taking baby steps. We have hungry performers who are passionate about getting a chance to do their best. Passion speaks to me more than the performance of a manoeuvre, and right now, our women are really chomping at the bit to get these TV spots.

They’re all training hard. Our roster keeps getting better. No one has lost their passion. They are still striving for that big goal, which is for the women’s division to get more time. I’ll have the biggest smile on my face the day we get it. I know we will.

When AEW first launched in 2019, they relied heavily on the relationship they had with STARDOM to help bring their female wrestlers over to America. However, travel bans in place due to the global Covid-19 pandemic has restricted many of the Joshi stars from performing in AEW including names such as Bea Priestley and Sadie Gibbs.

Interestingly, on AEW Dynamite it has been revealed that there is set to be a Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament to determine the new No1 contender for the AEW Women’s Title. This latest push is a nod to the efforts that Kenny and the team are putting into the women’s roster, and a big step in the right direction for the women’s division.

Kenny Omega is high with confidence that the AEW women’s division will get their time to shine, whether that be main eventing PPV’s or high, regular spots on the card we wait to see.