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Kenny King – “Maybe It’s Time ROH Worked With NXT And SmackDown”

Kenny King

Ring of Honor star Kenny King has suggested that it “might be about time” that the company started working with NXT and SmackDown.

2021 has seen the forbidden door well and truly knocked off its hinges with stars from all over the wrestling spectrum appearing in multiple different promotions. This has seen AEW World Champion Kenny Omega also hold the IMPACT World Title, numerous New Japan stars appear in AEW, and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo wrestle in Mexico and NWA.

However, two companies that have been conspicuous by their absence are Ring of Honor and WWE.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes’ very own Liam Alexander-Stewart, Kenny King said that it might be about time to change all that. Adding that he would love to step in the ring with Kofi Kingston.

“Well, I mean there’s a lot of guys that I would like to see come into Ring Of Honor. I mean, if we’re just fantasy booking I’d like love to do LFI versus The New Day, I think that would be an amazing match. I’d love to step in the ring with Kofi Kingston. I Would like to see a guy like Eddie Edwards come home, you know. Eddie Edwards Kenny King, and Eddie Edwards Jay Lethal, and Eddie Edwards Jay Briscoe match I mean, those those would be outrageous. I’d love to see a guy like Chris Bey. Who selfishly is one of my my students. I love him to death. I’d like to see a guy like Chris Bey come in, and wrestle a guy like Bandito you know, so the things that are happening now creating these amazing matches into creating these amazing kind of like, what can we do? I mean, to be fair, like the the the only two teams that aren’t participating as much as they should are us and WWE and I feel like maybe it’s about time, right? Maybe it’s about time to bridge over to start working with NXT or working with some of the guys on SmackDown because, you know, it’s just time, right? It’s just time for all of these things to kind of to switch up and I feel it feels like we’re entering into a new era of pro wrestling.”

King continued, saying that by knocking down old stigmas, you could get the likes of AJ Styles showing up in ROH to challenge Jay Lethal.

“So it’s why not just knock down some of the old stigmas whatnot. I mean, think about what the the buzz would be, you know, just what the reciprocation would be, you know, AJ Styles shows up to challenge Jay Lethal if you know what I mean? Like, just our MVP comes, you know to rescue me from from getting beat down from Shane Taylor. I mean, Bobby Lashley against SOS, you know? So these these are just things that that that make people go ‘wow,’ that would be amazing and realistically it’s possible, there’s nothing that would stop it other than the regular old pro wrestling BS, which I feel like the people that want to survive we’re gonna have to get over.”

Kenny King appeared on the second season of WWE Tough Enough in 2002 before heading to the independent scene. King signed with ROH in 2007 after a stint with TNA. The star returned to TNA in 2012 before finding his way back to ROH in 2015.

Across his two runs with the company, King has held the ROH Television Title Twice, as well as becoming a two-time World Tag Team Champion.

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