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Ken Shamrock Reveals He Originally Owned The Rock Name

Ken Shamrock

Former WWE star Ken Shamrock has revealed that he originally owned the rights to the name “The Rock”, a nickname he used in his early UFC career.

During an appearance on Casual Conversations with The Wrestling Classic, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion revealed that he granted permission to the WWE to give the moniker to Dwayne Johnson.

Anything that had to do with the cage or Lion’s Den, they had to go through my approval, because I owned all that. I have it in my contract, I own that.

In fact, funny story is that The Rock, he was known as Rocky. They had to have my permission to use the name The Rock because I owned Ken ‘The Rock’ Shamrock. That’s what I was known as when I was first fighting in the UFC.

Host Jenna Ben went on to jokingly ask Ken if he made money from owning “The Rock” name, Shamrock said he was fine with Johnson using it, it didn’t really matter to him.

No. You know what man? The Rock came up and started using it. Nobody even knew the issue at all. I didn’t because I was never kind of – I never liked that, right? Just like when they came up with the dolls that had the lion skin on it with the shorts on it, I owned that.

They never asked me to do that, they didn’t ask to do that so therefore I own that, so I could’ve gotten all that too but you know what? I was fine with where I was at. It didn’t matter.

Shamrock went onto reveal a conversation he had with The Rock about the name, Rocky was completely unaware that the name used to be Ken’s back in his UFC days.

So, and me and Rocky, we talked about it one time. He didn’t even know. He’s like, ‘Really!?’ I said, ‘Yeah. Don’t worry about it. No big deal.’ It’s like, ‘I’m not gonna do anything for that’ so it’s like, I’m known as The World’s Most Dangerous Man now!

The Rock and Shamrock had many memorable matches throughout 1998, including an Intercontinental Championship match at both the Royal Rumble and then WrestleMania XIV, and meeting once again in the final of the King of the Ring tournament.

The last interaction the two have had on screen was in fact just last year as The Rock inducted Shamrock into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.